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Sunn O))) & Boris - West Coast Tour 2005

Courtesy of Burlesque Design:

Our absolutely huge, meticulously six-color screenprinted ode to the chest-crushing sounds of Sunn O))) and the ever-astounding Boris of Japan. Their spectoral images pictured here garnering strength from the power of a glowing amplifier tube within the decayed womb of a dead tree. Trust us, your head’s gonna vibrate if you go see them, so bring your earplugs and some sturdy shoes. Joined by Thrones and Earth, Sunn0))) and Boris showed the West coast a thing or two as they traversed the Pacific Coast throughout the late Fall of 2005. Two different color versions here - one for the road, and one for Burlesque.

Continuing with the Sunn O)))/Boris theme, I figured everyone would enjoy this set of prints produced for the bands’ 2005 West Coast tour.  Pictured first is the “altar blue” variant, followed by the web edition (yellow lettering) and the show edition (orange on brown).  Aaron’s illustration must have impressed the bands, as they later used it on the cover of their 2006 Altar album.  As an added bonus, be sure to check out Burlesque’s "making of" video.